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The Concept

At L'andara Corporation Sdn Bhd you can see the quality in the making especially great interest is our customized formulations, made to order, for wholesale and distributor. The concept L'andara Corporationis to market, and offers a fantastic range of retail home spa products basedon our professional treatment rituals. These are the same formulations used in our ProPack range available in smaller sizes, perfect for use at home, while travelling or as a truly unique gift.

Our Vision

L'andara is determined to be the leading home spa internationally with its brand known for its unique design and innovative concept.

As we operates in a dynamic and evolving marketplace. We are constantly developing new ranges and product lines. This will be a continous element in the on going brand development. As Day Spas and Wellness Centers become a part of everyday life for more people, the concept of home spa treatment derived from professional treatment products becomes very relevant. The keys is to be a leader in this category by being not only the first, but also the most continously innovative.

Approach To Service

L'andara philosophy of serving a quality product through a strident commitment to each customer is a cornerstone of the L'andara tradition. We have striven to serve our patrons formulations made with only the finest ingredients known to us. Throughout, we have been committed to doing so with the most excellent service that can be provide.

Asian Tradition

L'andara commitment to rediscovering Asian traditions, handed down from generation to generation, distilling the essence and creating brilliant, all natural synergies. These can be found in our professional and home spa products. We still produce all our products by hand.


Enjoy all the luxury pampering of a five-star spa ritual in the convinience of your own home. Our exclusive L'andara home spa ritual contains more than enough proffessional product to rejuvenate and revive your body, mind & soul. Each step in your l'andara spa ritual is numbered and you will find full information on how to get maximum pleasure from your home spa experience.

These are the step's. Enjoy
Cleanse your body first to so that you can start your home spa ritual. In the shower, apply directly onto a sponge, brush or washcloth. When fully lathered, rinse off thoroughly.

Exfoliate the dead skin and debris that can clog pores from the surface of your skin. Mix 40g of powder with warm water into a paste. Apply to dry skin in circular motion on the whole body. When half dry, rub off paste. Rinse thoroughly in the shower or bathtub.

Purify your skin with a pure clay and kaolin body mask to draw out toxins. Mix 40g of powder witj warm water into a paste. Apply to dry skin in circular motion on the whole body. Allowmask to dry completely then shower off or wipe away with a warm, damp cloth.

Massage and tone your whole body with massage oil. Apply directly on the area of the body to be massaged. Work into skin using the technique wanted. Clean up with water either with wet towel or rinse off in the bath/shower.

mineralize and relax tired muscles in a hot bath with a delightful bath salt blend. Place in tub while running hot bath. Soak for 15 minutes or until your body is relaxed.

Moisturize and soften your skin with our body lotion. After bath/shower, while the body is still damp, apply generously in circular motions. Allow to fully absorb into skin before dressing.


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1. Body Lotion - 100ml
2. Shower Gel - 100ml
3. Massage Oil -100ml
4. Body Scrub - 125ml
5. Body Mask - 140ml
6. Balt Salt - 220ml

Landara Box

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